Parents Protest the new 'Safety' Levels for Radiation in Schools Teachers in the Fukushima area are coping with the after effects of the nuclear disaster Thousands of families in Fukushima are homeless and schools are doubling up as refugee centres for those driven out of their homes by the nuclear disaster. As already reported on this site, the Fukushima teachers union has issued a statement condemning the government's decision to raise the acceptable levels of radiation in educational establishments to levels which are unsafe for children. Teachers are also speaking out against having been required to promote nuclear energy as an environmentally friendly option. They are particularly angry about this in the light of the dreadful situation which is facing their region and their country and the lack of proper safety measures at the plant. Japan is also the only country which has suffered nuclear attack. As a result the teachers and many other workers in Japan are calling for an international solidarity campaign to ban nuclear energy. The following video clip includes a primary school teacher talking about the situation she is facing (she starts speaking six minutes into the video clip):