Teachers in the West African country of Gabon have been on strike since October 6th demanding pay increase and back pay which is owed to them11.000 members of the National Education Union (SENA) are on strike because according to one striking primary schoolteacher 'the education system in Gabon is almost on the floor. Teachers are badly paid, badly housed and badly transported.' Teachers have waited up to 8 years to get back pay owed to them through increments. Gabon is potentially a rich country with oil and manganese deposits but this is not reflected in the lives of the majority of people. There is high unemployment and life expectancy is only 53. The Education system is badly underfunded and class sizes can be as high as 100. Parents have to pay school fees. Teachers are difficult to recruit because of low pay and bad conditions. Needless to say the World Bank has been using its influence through structural adjustment policies to bring about privatisation and other 'liberalisation' measures in Gabon. Although negotiations have been taking place the teachers are still on strike.