A Gaza Classroom destroyed by Israeli Bombing in 2008/9 Teachers in Gaza have taken strike action to protest the suspension of their union leader The teachers who work at schools run by the United Nations agency UNRWA struck and demonstrated outside the UN offices on Wednesday. The leader of the union representing teachers who work in UNRWA schools, Suhail al-Hindi, was suspended for appearing on a platform with the Prime Minister of Gaza - Ismael Haniyeh. UNRWA says that there is a ban on political activity by UNRWA employees. Hamas - the party of government in Gaza - was elected as the government of the occupied Palestinian territories  by a large majority in an internationally monitored election in 2006. The election was declared to be free and fair by the monitors from the US, Canada, Japan, South Africa and the EU. The monitoring was overseen by the UN. Yet as soon as the result was declared international donors refused to recognise the government and withdrew aid to the territories. Since that time a Fateh government lead by Mahmoud Abbas has been established in the West Bank (there has been no new election) and Hamas is in control in Gaza. Both sides are making intensive efforts to work together at the present time. Nonetheless it appears that the UN considers sitting on a platform with the prime minister of Gaza is in contravention of their rules against political involvement and so the union leader remains suspended. 220,000 students have been affected by the strike in Gaza - the smaller section of the occupied territories -which is subject to a blockade by the Israeli government which means that 80% of Gazans are reliant on food aid.