honduras3.jpg  Demonstrators Facing Police in Honduras last Month Teachers have been in the leadership of a popular movement in Honduras which is calling for a general strike against the government which came to power through an illegal coup last year The government is pushing through a new law which would take away many of the rights of workers to organise as well as increasing privatisation and instituting an illegally low minimum wage. Teachers who came out on strike in August are protesting against the raiding of their pension funds and failure to pay salaries due, as well as a new law which would take away the right to free public education. In a demonstration on the 20th August police attacked teachers - injuring many and 20 were detained. Other teacher union activists have been fired from their jobs. The following report of the actions taken against teachers comes from the Monthly Review website: "Last Friday (August 27th), teachers were violently evicted twice from the area around the National Pedagogical University, first, when they had occupied the boulevard, and second, when teachers were regrouping and meeting inside the University. At the university, located close to a major boulevard and across from a business shopping center, police arrived with 2 water tanks, firing more than 100 tear gas canisters and rubber bullets at the teachers and members of the resistance movement in and outside the university grounds, beating up those they chased and captured without regard for the presence of children and the public in the busy area of the city and the peaceful form in which the teachers were protesting. From a black Toyota four-runner parked on the street in front of the university, a man opened fired at the protesters with a 9-millimeter gun.  Although no one was shot, the car was later identified as belonging to the National Congress. Over 100 people were captured and 'guarded' by police against a fence outside the university.  They were later released after human rights representatives arrived and negotiated with the police.  Many teachers and resistance members, fleeing the tear gas, were trapped inside the classrooms in the university where they suffered from severe exposure to tear gas.  Over 7 people were injured from the gas and from police beatings, including a journalist from Globo TV/Radio Globo." To read the article in full go to: http://mrzine.monthlyreview.org/2010/spring310810.html And for more details about the latest general strike call go to: http://inthesetimes.com/working/entry/6394/hondurans_call_for_national_general_strike/