Organisations and unions representing teachers, parents and students have announced a general strike in Spain for May 9th. The strike is against massive education cuts as well as the neo-liberal LOMCE education law.

Spain is one of the Eurozone countries which has been hit hardest by the crisis and its right wing government, led by Mariano Rajoy, like so many others, is attacking public services and making ordinary people suffer for a crisis, which is none of their making. Unemployment figures announced today were 27.2% for the general population and a staggering 55% for young people.

The massive cuts in education have seen the teachers' workforce reduced as well as increased class sizes, cuts to pay and pensions and higher education becoming unaffordable for all but the richest young people. Meanwhile the government has brought in a so-called 'law for the improvement of education quality' - known as the LOMCE - which includes all the usual neo-liberal 'solutions' - standardised testing, centralised curriculum, sidelining of creative subjects and so on.

Spain has also seen some of the most determined struggles against these measures however. Indeed reports today indicate that mass protests against the latest unemployment figures are planned for tonight. The fact that the government and the royal family are embroiled in corruption scandals is further inflaming the situation.

On May 9th every sector of education from nursery to university and all concerned will be taking action, and mass demonstrations are planned for the weekend of May 11th and 12th