Teachers in Haiti have been on strike since January 13th. They are demanding the payment of salary arrears, proper contracts and proper funding for education and an end to the syphoning off of education money by government. Students have once more been on the streets supporting their teachers and demanding that the government pays what it owes so that they can continue with their education. They chanted, 'Long live education! Down with waste!'

Students have time and again come out to support teachers in Haiti, as they struggle to build a decent and properly funded education system. As though the country's schools had not suffered enough damage from the devastating earthquake in 2010, they were taken over by Paul Vallas, US arch education 'reformer' who introduced shrink-wrapped US curricula, privatisation, anti-union policies and had students learning in trailers.

Now there has been a two day general strike in Haiti, an explosion of rage at the crippling increases in fuel costs, twice as expensive as fuel in the US, despite the poverty of the country and the devastation caused by the earthquake. There have been massive demonstrations, demanding the resignation of the President Martelly and the Prime Minister, Paul. Protesters chanted, “The gas thief in the Prime Minister’s office has to go! Martelly, the foreign colonists sent you to destroy the country! But the people are rising up, and you have to go! Do you hear that Obama? Do you hear that Bill Clinton?”

As protesters marched through the well-heeled suburbs where the elites live, police attacked them with tear gas and rubber bullets. Students were also attacked by riot police and five people were seriously wounded when they opened fire, Despite threats from the government, the general strike was a huge success, with all traffic stopped to the capital, shops and schools closed and the international airport unable to function.