gemstrike.jpg  A German Nursery with Strike Placard Thousands of kindergarten teachers have gone on strike in Germany for improved conditions of work The teachers are members of the public service union Verdi and the GEW teachers' union. Their leaders say that they are working under very stressful conditions with one teacher to as many as 12 children - who can be as young as ten months old in some nurseries and a tremendous noise level as well as onerous bureaucracy. Teachers are also expected to deal with social and family problemsThe unions are demanding a health contract which would see the teachers having counselling and regular health check-ups as well as better designed furniture. Although the strike is about conditions the teachers are also aggrieved about their comparatively low pay. Many of them work part time and earn an average of $2,100 a month. Many parents support the teachers who they believe are overworked and underpaid.