Education Workers demonstrating in Leipzig Teachers in the German state of Saxony have taken part in warning strikes in their campaign for equitable education funding The teachers who are members of the GEW education union, struck on November 16. as part of a series of strikes. In total more than 20,000 people  - or 75% of the education workforce took part in the strike and 13,000 attended rallies in different towns in the state, including  Leipzig and Dresden. Teaching assistants and other education workers  took part  alongside teachers. This strike call was heeded by even more people than the successful strike in September. The teachers are campaigning in particular for better rights for older teachers, for example for a shorter working week, which will also enable younger teachers to find work and end the situation where the teaching force is predominantly made up of older teachers. GEW's website says that Saxony is a state which is ambitiously trying to be the first of the 16 German states in finance, at the expense of education for this and future generations. Earlier this week education workers were joined by other public employees in a big demonstration outside the state parliament - demanding more money for public services, prior to decisions about finance which are to be made on the 4th December.