ghana5.jpg  A Classroom in Ghana Graduate teachers in Ghana are to strike in January if they are not put onto the salary scale which they have been promised Yet another group of teachers in Africa are having to resort to strike action in order to force a government not to renege on its promises. These Ghanaian teachers, members of the National Association of Graduate Teachers of Ghana have long been promised that they will be put on the single salary spine - yet the money is still not forthcoming. The union is also worried that the single spine - far from enhancing some teachers' salaries may see them decline because of anomalies which have not been ironed out. Meanwhile the Ghana National Association of Teachers has disassociated itself from the action - for reasons which are not clear. Like many other countries Ghana has been subject to International Monetary Fund interference - which above all else forces cuts in public spending - once again teachers are bearing the brunt of this. (see previous post about Malawi and Nigeria.) If you have personal experience of this situation and would like it reported please contact