A Classroom in Ghana Teachers in the Ashanti region of Ghana continue to demand the resignation of their leadership The teachers who have been on strike demanding increases which are owed to them (see previous post) gave the leadership of the GNAT and NAGRAT unions 72 hours to resign last month. They say that the leaders have lost touch with the membership and are not in a position to negotiate for them. Large numbers of them struck last week and demonstrated in the regional capital, despite threats from the education department that teachers who continued to strike would suffer 'sanctions' since according to the department the unions had agreed to a 15% salary increase. The teachers however say that this is neither fair nor adequate. They presented a petition to the regional director of education to be passed on to the Ghana TUC and the leaderships of the two unions. As well as demanding the resignation of the leadership they are also asking for transparency in the union's finances which they describe as being 'shrouded in secrecy'. If their calls go unheeded again they say they will requisition delegate conferences of their unions to resolve the situation.