Ghana Teachers on Strike last Week Teachers in Ghana are in the second week of their strike for a living wage The teachers starting salary is $260 while similarly qualified police personnel start on over four times as much. In being converted to the new single spine salary scale while some teachers have received a small increase many have had their salries further cut. Union leaders of GNAT and NAGRAT had negotiated a small 'retention' increase of 15% with the government which only enraged teachers further who say they cannot afford to live on the meagre salaries they receive. Some reports indicate that the teachers who have joined together in an organisation called the Coalition of Concerned Teachers (CCT) also called for the leadership of GNAT and NAGRAT to stand aside within three days and hand over the assets of the unions to the Ghanaian TUC since they were no longer adequately representing the interests of teachers. As has been reported on previous posts the IMF has put pressure on Ghana to decrease public spending. This pressure has recently been updated - earlier this month Peter Allum, the mission chief in Ghana stated: "There are still some uncertainties around the size of the wage bill and this forms part of our continued discussions with the Government". But while the IMF isnists the government  pay its  teachers even less, multinational corporations continue making profits from the riches in and underneath Ghana's soil.