Learning under a Tree in Ghana Teachers in Ghana are to strike next week in protest against a pay freeze. Ghana's teachers are once again having to resort to strike action in an attempt to achieve pay justice. Over the last few years there have been many strikes by teachers in the country over low pay and unpaid salaries. And once again they have been subject to insults by some government officials. This time a member of the government's legal team told the teachers on national radio, "If you don't like your salary, nobody is forcing you to work." Later on in the same interview he threatened legal action against the teachers. Ghana is still receiving the attentions of the International Monetary Fund which attacks the country for 'large public wage increases' last year and is demanding cuts in the following terms: "savings identified by the pension and payroll audits must be realized and spending pressures in the run up to elections need to be resisted." Teachers in Ghana have the lowest salaries in the public sector, considerably less than police officers and presumably government lawyers like the one quoted above earn even more. When teachers have been on strike in Ghana in the past they have been subject on occasion to police brutality. The government has appealed to the teachers not to strike and there may be more negotiations this week - but in the mean time many teachers are going ahead with the stoppage.