Student teachers have come out in support of their lecturers who are taking action to demand overdue salary increases. The President of the Trainee Teachers of Ghana, TTAG, said: “we think the call of our teachers is justified so we are pleading with the government to as a matter of urgency, attend to CETAG so we can be sorted out.”

The students are giving their support even as they are fighting their own battle over the withdrawal of allowances which leave them in poverty and having to pay fees in order to become the teachers that the country desperately needs. Only last week a government spokesperson told students that to pay their allowance would have 'huge cost implications for the national budget' and suggested that the money saved could be used to improve facitilities in training colleges. So once again teachers are being asked to live in poverty in order to subsidise services which should be provided by the government. Moreover, the Ghana National Association of Teachers has pointed out that no improvement in colleges has occurred.

Once again teacher education is under attack as it is in so many parts of the world. It is becoming increasingly obvious that the kind of 'education' for all that the World Bank is promoting is the sort provided by outfits like Bridge International Academies, through untrained school leavers delivering scripted lessons rather than properly trained teachers.