Students Protesting in Bangladesh this Week Students all over the world continue to protest against education cuts and the commercialisation of education Students from Bangladesh to California, from Colombia to the Ukraine continue to fight for properly funded and free education for all. Education services all over the world are being cut to satisfy the demands of governments anxious to appease their creditors on the bond markets. And the neo-liberal policy of privatising education - particularly higher education but increasingly children's education as well continues apace despite the manifest failulre of these policies to provide decent education for all (an aim which for neo-liberal policy makers is purely rhetorical.) Readers of this website will have read stories from all over the world of how teachers are fighting these developments often in the teeth of repressive security services and often from a position of extreme poverty. Teachersolidarity would like to point out that students too are at the forefront of this struggle. To read a regular update of these actions go to: