students-athens.jpg  Students in Athens expressing their Solidarity with UK Students Students across the world continue to protest against privatisation and fees increases which will mean higher education is only available to the rich Students and teachers in Pakistan set up protest camps across the country to protest against fees increases and increasing segregation of education. A huge rally is scheduled for December 8th in Lahore. Meanwhile in Italy students have taken to the streets in a 'Block Everything Day' - protesting about government cuts to education. See for more details. In the UK two more days of action are planned for the 8th and 9th of December - demanding that the government do not treble the cost of university education - with the slogan: 'no fees! no cuts!' 15 universities are still under occupation. Meanwhile students in Greece took time on their day of action against privatisation and cuts to march on the British embassy and express their solidarity with UK students (see picture above) In India thousands of students and teachers marched against the privatisation of education in New Delhi. For more stories of student action for education around the world go to: http://://