Gordillo in happier Times with Right Wing President Vicente Fox Elba Esther Gordillo, 'President for life' of SNTE, the Mexican teachers' union, has been arrested Gordillo is a byword for corruption amongst teachers in Mexico. In contrast to the lowly salaries of her members, she lives in a lavish style, including a private jet and a home in California. She has been arrested for allegedly syphoning off $120 nillion from SNTE, which she used to fund her luxurious lifestyle including large amounts of plastic surgery. It is ironic however that Gordillo has been arrested by the new president Enrique Nieto - recently elected in a disputed vote - the representative of the Instituional Revolutionary Party (PRI), which in fact appointed her president for life of the union when it was last in power. When the PRI lost power in 2000 she became a trusted adviser to two more right wing governments - a factor which has perhaps caused her downfall now that the PRI has returned to power. The issue is complicated by the fact that Nieto is attempting to introduce education 'reform' which is contested not only by Gordillo - since it attacks union power - but also by the strong left in the union, which rightly identifies it as a neo-liberal reform, designed to bring Mexican education into the World Bank orthodoxy of minimal shrink-wrapped and tested curricula for the masses, instead of the kind of critical education, which has a strong tradition both in Mexico and in many other parts of Latin America. What is certain is that Gordillo is a disgrace to the teacher union movement, that she sent her goons in to attack violently teachers in communities for instance in Oaxaca who were fighting a previous round of 'reforms.'  I suppose all it goes to show is that 'there is no honour among thieves'.