Young Greek Protestors facing up to Police Secondary school students in Greece are protesting at the lack of textbooks in their schools Pictures on the internet show police attacking the young people as they demonstrated in Athens for books and against austerity and the government's education 'reforms'. To watch the footage go to: The demonstrators moved on to the parliament where they threw CDs at the building, which had been given to them instead of printed books. As well as the street demonstrations, according to one report 698 schools and 96 higher education institutions are being occupied Interviews with the young people show how angry they are - not only are their families suffering from low wages, unemployment and an inability to buy the necessities of life but they themselves feel they have no future in the country - some saying their only hope is to leave Greece altogether. To add insult to injury the government has failed to print the necessary textbooks and continual cutbacks mean there are not even enough teachers to teach them. Yet thousands of Greek teachers are unemployed (see previous posts) Meanwhile, as the EU, the IMF and the Greek government search ever more desparately for ways to make the Greek people pay for the financial crisis, mass strikes are planned for tomorrow of the two largest public and private sector unions.