The Greek public sector union ADEDY has a general strike for Wednesday 15th July against the deal which has been imposed on the Greek government. Although the Syriza government came to power with a mandate to reject austerity measures and that mandate was reinforced this month by a 61% no vote against such policies, the Troika has imposed the deal on the country by effectively strangling its banks.

Education in Greece has been devastated by five years of brutal cuts and neoliberal 'reforms'. Teachers salaries have been slashed, schools have been closed or merged and many education staff have lost their jobs. To read an analysis of the effects of austerity on education by the Greek teachers union OLME, go .

Echoing the viral ,Yanis Varoufakis, the ex finance minister in the Syriza government,  the tearing up of democracy by the EU leaders to the 1967 military coup in Greece, which put the colonels in power for almost a decade: 'In the coup d’état the choice of weapon used in order to bring down democracy then was the tanks. Well, this time it was the banks. The banks were used by foreign powers to take over the government. The difference is that this time they’re taking over all public property.’

The scale of the defeat being demanded from Greece has shocked even right wing commentators. There is no aspect of their economy which the government will have power over, down to the regulation of bakeries and pharmacies and the imposition of anti-strike laws. Moreover Greece's unique and wonderful treasurers are also liable to be privatised. As if to prove that big finance is in conrol, the Institute for Growth fund, which will hold the assets realised, is by the German bank KfW, whose chair is none other than Wolfgang Schauble the German finance minister. 

Ever since austerity was imposed, we have been the effects on education, but more especially the resistance of teachers, school and university students, not only through strikes, protests and occupations but also through participation in solidarity committees to help those in most need. If this deal passes, there is a danger that brutal right wing forces, represented by Golden Dawn, which so far have been sidelined by Syriza, will gain support. Tomorrow teachers and students will once again be in the streets and squares.

All over the world, but particularly throughout Europe, the determined struggle for democracy in Greece, where the very concept was born, has inspired the millions who are fighting for a world founded on the values of solidarity and humanity rather than the greed for profit. And all over the world people are mobilising in support of Greece and democracy. Tomorrow is a crucial day, when the Greek government will vote either to accept or reject the 'deal'. At the culmination of the strike there will be a protest outside the Greek parliament - this protest will echo around the world.