Teachers in Greece are considering indefinite strike action, starting at the beginning of the new Greek academic year in September. The teachers are planning joint action both with teachers in private schools and with health and local government workers.

As part of its efforts to conciliate the international financial institutions, the Greek government has made yet more cuts to the education services, including the dismantling of public vocational education, the loss of some 17,000 posts in the secondary sector alone and the compulsory transfer of teachers along with pay cuts. Not only that but secondary schools are being made into 'exam centres' according to Themis Kotsifakis, the leader of the secondary teachers' union OLME, with exams every year from the first grade. Kotsifakis himself has lost his teaching post as a result of the cuts.

The final decision on the strike plans will be made at the beginning of September first by local assemblies and then by the leadership of the unions.