The Greek teachers' union OLME has joined other unions and campaigning organisations to condemn the human rights abuses in the country, which have come about as a result of the undemocratically imposed 'austerity' measures.

Reprinted below is a letter to the European President and Parliament:

Dear President Schulz,

Dear MEPs,

Cc: Petitions committee, Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee, Othmar Karas MEP and Liem Hoang Ngoc MEP, heads of the Parliament’s inquiry on the Troika

Herein you will find a letter documenting the serious and widespread Human Rights violations taking place in Greece today. The letter is signed by 20 trade unions, human rights and civil society organisations from across Europe.

The document details flagrant violations of well-established international standards of civil political, economic and social rights and serious breaches of the EU Charter of Fundamental rights. The signatories urge you to use the political and legal powers vested in your position to perform the necessary scrutiny of the Greece’s deteriorating Human Rights record. We explicitly urge you to read and evaluate its findings with the view of the European Parliament undertaking a report on the situation of fundamental rights, the rule of law and democracy under article 7 of the TEU.

The signatories hold the view that fundamental rights and the rule of law should never come second to any financial necessity. Instead, in Greece, the country holding today the Presidency of the European Council, large segments of the population are deprived of their basic rights.  Tens of thousands of people have to go without access to healthcare or electricity and basic services such as education are been dangerously downgraded. Protestors are faced with the excessive and life-threatening violence, detainees are tortured by the same police who stand idle as neo-Nazi groups intimidate, attack and even kill migrants. All along its borders with Turkey, Europe’s borders, refugees and migrants are routinely faced with life threatening push backs and ill-treatment by the Greek police and coastguard.

The European Parliament as the only democratically elected EU institution should not turn a blind eye to such serious violations of fundamental rights and democracy that paint a bleak future for all European peoples.

Hoping that you will take immediate action we remain at your disposal for any further information.

Respectfully the undersigned organisations

AEDH, Association Européenne pour le défense des Droits de l'Homme
Ligue de Droits de l’Homme Belgique 
European Attac Network

Attac Austia
Attac France  
Attac Hellas

Αttac Hungary

Attac Ireland
CADTM Europe
CNE-CSC, National union of employees - Belgium 
Corporate Europe Observatory 
European Public Health Alliance 
Forum per una Nuova Finanza Pubblica e Sociale – Italy

Network for political and social rights (Diktyo) - Greece
Platform Stop Racisme en Uitsluiting - The Netherlands 


POE-OTA, Greek federation of municipal workers  
Transnational Institute (ΤΝΙ)
Union of workers in Thessaloniki water company (SEEYATH) - Greece 
Movement United against Racism and Fascist Threat (KERFAA) - Greece 
War on Want - United Kingdom


Supported by Solidarity Initiatives to Greece:
- Initiative de Solidarité à la Grèce qui Résiste - Bruxelles
- Real Democracy Now Berlin / GR