OLME Banner on yesterday's Demonstration Greek teachers have been playing their part in the struggle against 'austerity' measures in their country The Greek government is due to vote tonight on another package of cuts which will seeĀ over one fifth of the population officially living in poverty. Unions , including the teachers' unions OLME and DOE, have organised a general strike for yesterday and today (November 6th and 7th.) A huge demonstration is expected this afternoon as the time nears for the parliamentiary vote. Last week the editor of a Greek newspaper was arrested for publishing a list of 2000 wealthy Greek individuals who are evading tax. This list was in the hands of the previous 'socialist' government -who took no action against them. Meanwhile many Greeks are having to rely on soup kitchens just to survive. Below is a letter received today from the leader of OLME the secondary teachers' union: These days Greek Government brings to vote in parliament all the new measures (agreed with the troika) of 13,5 Billion euros in one legislative article !!! (new dramatic cuts in salaries, pensions, social goods and new taxes, measures that deteriorate the working conditions of teachers, abolition of collective agreements etc) These days are crucial for our life in Greece. Confederations of workers organize strikes, demonstrations and other actions. OLME and DOE participate in these actions. These days we have two strikes (the 6th and the 7th of Nov.). Yesterday syndicates organized demonstrations in different cities. Today, Wednesday afternoon (the 7th of Nov) we organize a big demonstration at Syntagma square (in front of the Parliament) This is a crucial fight for our rights. This is a crucial fight for all people in Greece This is a crucial fight for democracy Our demands are: stop these measures, overthrow the policy of the Greek Government and troika (European Union, IMF, Eur. Central Bank). We will win. Themis Kotsifakis General Secretary of OLME