Teachers in Greece took part in a general strike yesterday across the whole of the public sector. Schools were closed and transport services came to a standstill as thousands joined the strike, with many braving driving rain to take part in mass demonstrations.

Meanwhile on Tuesday, representatives of the Troika had to sneak down a fire escape, so frightened were they of  cleaners who were protesting loudly about cuts to public service jobs, at the entrance to the Ministry building, according to the Wall Street Journal. it is not the first time representatives from the Troika have faced angry protests - a man was arrested after throwing coins at the car of one of them. And not long ago one of the usually docile street dogs, who are tolerated and often looked after by Athenians, was shot and killed after he took against the Troika representatives and barked at them. The shooting deeply upset many of the locals, teachersolidarity was told.

Unions say there will be another general strike before the end of this year. To read more background go here.

In another development, police entered the national broadcaster ERT, which had been occupied by its workers in the early hours of this morning and evicted the occupiers. Earlier this year, teachers took part in a general strike and mass demonstrations against the closing down of ERT, which is seen as a real attack on democracy and press freedom.