President Hollande of France & PM Samaras of Greece walking past the Results of their Policies (@nothaura) Teachers in Greece are taking part in a general strike today against cuts The strike, which has been called by the public and private sector unions - ADEDY and and GSEE will culminate later today in a protest outside the parliament building. The Greek government continues to implement so-called austerity policies which have led to 60% unemployment among young people as well as brutal cuts to the public sector, to wages and to pensions. They do this at the behest of the troika - the EU, the ECB and the IMF in exchange for huge loans, effectively neutering their democratic system. Moreover the government has used emergency laws to discipline strikers involved in the increasing unrest. It forced subway workers and seafarers back to work earlier this year. The leader of the public sector union told the Reuters news agency: "Today's strike is a new effort to get rid of the bailout deal and those who take advantage of the people and bring only misery. A social explosion is very near."