Greek Teachers on Strike in March Teachers have joined workers from the public and private sector today on general strike The strikers are challenging the government's continuing austerity measures which are driving unemployment up to 15% and mean drasitc cuts in public services, including cutting the pay and pensions of those who work in them at the same time as increasing taxes. The strike has been called by the ADEDY public sector union and the GSEE in the private sector. Schools are closed, transport networks disrupted and health services operating with emergency staff only. Greece was bailed out by the European banks and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) one year ago but there is no sign of its emerging from its financial crisis. This is causing shock waves through the European Union (EU), with fears that Greece will default on its debt with serious consequences to the economies of the rest of Europe, where other countries such as Ireland and Portugal are in major financial crises. The solution of the EU, the IMF and neo-liberal governments all over Europe is to attack the public services on which the mass of people rely. Meanwhile the wealthy are virtually untouched by the crisis. A report in the UK yesterday said that the wealthiest 1000  individuals in that country now own £396 billion - which puts the £97 billion EU/IMF  loan to Greece into perspective. The wealthy are getting steadier wealthier while the poor and those who work in their service - like teachers - are being impoverished.