Teachers are to join other public sector workers tomorrow, July 9th, in a general strike against the cuts and privatisation policies of the government. The strike has been called by the public union federation ADEDY. The strike is against the sackings of thousands of public sector workers, including 2500 teachers at the behest of the Troika - the International Monetary Fund, the European Central Bank and the European Union - which is imposing austerity measures on the client government. One of the teachers sacked is the President of the secondary teachers' union OLME, who has been taking part in a tented sit-in outside the finance ministry along with other sacked workers.

Only yesterday, representatives of the Troika were expressing dismay at a decision by the Prime Minister to restore some of the pay lost to public sector workers as a result of decisions of the Greek courts. Public sector workers have seen their pay cut by 40% since the beginning of the crisis. Prominent PASOK politician Anna Diamantopolou reportedly said,  "We have a million people without basic social security because we don't have the money to fund it and now they are demanding wage increases. It is absolutely unbelievable." Diamontopolou, herself one of the elite and an attendee at this years shadowy Bilderberg gathering, is a typical representative of the view that public services and those who work in them should pay the price for a crisis which is none of their making.

As well as protesting cuts, tomorrow's strike will also be in support of power workers who are taking rolling strike action against the privatisation of electricity. Like the teachers last year, they have been conscripted under dictatorship era laws, to prevent them from striking. This means that if they continue with their action, they face arrest. Like the cuts, the privatisation of the Public Power Corporation was mandated by the Troika. Wednesday's action is only the latest in a long campaign against the cruel cuts which are driving hundreds of thousands in Greece into poverty and despair. It comes a day before similar action in the UK.

OLME is on record for calling the European teachers union ETUCE to co-ordinate joint action across Europe. It is to be hoped that messages of solidarity will be sent backward and forward over the next couple of days.