Secondary school teachers in Greece are continuing to defy the government by striking again this week. They will be joined by their primary colleagues tomorrow, who will be taking part in the two day general strike called by the public service umbrella union ADEDY. Doctors, health workers and other education workers and public servants have also joined the strike action. Higher education teachers have decided to strike for another week.

Prime Minister Antonis Samaras had said before the strike that teachers would not be allowed to strike 'for a single day.' Last term they were forced back to work through the use of fascist era laws which 'drafted' them as public servants. However the teachers are now on the 6th day of their action. They explain that their strike is about much more than pay or redundancies - it is about the future of public education itself.

Leaders of the secondary teachers union OLME will meet on Wednesday to decide how to proceed with their action. Meanwhile anger is building in the country against austerity policies, which are being carried out by the government at the behest of the International Monetary Fund, the European Union and Central Bank. These policies are causing mass poverty and unemployment as well as the decimation of public services including education. Worryingly the crisis has generated some support for the fascist organisation, Golden Dawn. However this has declined since the killing of a rapper by neo-nazis earlier this month. Some of the teachers demonstrating today in Thessaloniki carried placards showing pictures of the victim, Pavlos Fyssas.