Rise Up! Greek Protesters Today Greek teachers joined others in the public and private sectors in a general strike today The strike was called in protest against the measures being imposed by the troika - the International Monetary Fund, the European Central Bank and the European Union - which will further depress living standards for ordinary Greek people as well as further devastating public services including education. The government is trying to get agreement from its political allies to cut the minimum wage by 20 - 30% and to impose new cuts on public services. Protesters carried banners saying 'no to public sector layoffs' and 'rise up!' Yannis Panagopoulos, leader of the GSEE union said: 'The troika's demands are the chronicle of a death foretold. This is a brutal cynical blackmail against an entire nation.' According to the website www.guardian.co.uk , the prime minister of Greece agreed to make a further 15,000 public sector workers redundant in overnight talks with the Troika. The leader of OLME - the Greek secondary teachers union, has called for united action across Europe against the cuts being forced on public services across the continent.