Greek Teachers protesting earlier this Month Greek teachers are to join others in the public and private sectors in a general strike this Wednesday. Health workers and transport workers, journalists and even judges will also be on strike with teachers this week against the government's new austerity measures, which are being enacted in order to appease the international creditors represented by the Troika - the European Central Bank, the European Union and the International Monetary Fund. The European Trade Union Committee on Education (ETUCE) has issued a statement calling on affiliates to send solidarity to the Greek teachers and "show their opposition and defiance of the policies in Greece by protests to the Greek Government, the Greek Embassies, the President of the European Union and the political groups in the European Parliament." Of education in Greece the ETUCE statement says: “the amount invested in public education in Greece has always been among the lowest in Europe. After several cuts in the education budget and cuts in teachers’ salaries, pensions and benefits, schools are now finding themselves in a situation where they can’t even secure heating in winter time."