Teachers in Greece are on a three day strike from Wednesday to Friday of this week. They are striking alongside the rest of the public sector in the ADEDY union federation, for the first two days. At the end of this week, the suspension of 2500 teachers ends and is likely to be followed by their dismissal. These cuts, along with thousands of other job losses in the public sector, have been dictated to the government by the Troika.

Teachers have been engaged in a long and determined struggle to defend public education. Earlier this month, members of the secondary teachers union OLME , along with other public sector unions, were and four hospitalised.

This is a statement from OLME on this week's developments:

On the 22 of March the 8 month deadline of the suspensions of permanent teachers of the public sector is met and we face stronger than ever the risk of dismissals of teachers.

During all this week OLME has organized demonstrations, mobilizations, protests, meetings and activisms all over the country. OLME has also proclaimed a three day strike (19-21/3), the first two of which along with ADEDY, the Greek Confederation of the Public Sector.

The Greek Government is evading responsibility dealing with the teachers in suspension and our trade union, refuses to give a solution and is transferring the final decision from one minister to the other.

We continue our struggles against dismissals of teachers and other workers of the public and the private sectors.

We fight for the right to stable and permanent jobs for everybody.

We fight for public schools and quality public education for every child, against any social discrimination.

No one teacher or student less!

The future belongs to the working people!