Greek Teachers Demonstrate against the Cuts Greek teachers are on 24 hour strike today against education cuts The teachers are rejecting the government package of more cuts in education - more wage cuts, fewer teachers and other cuts in the education budget. They are joined by transport workers, as the government speeds up cuts and privatisation in public services. They do this at the behest at the IMF, the European Central Bank and the EU - who in turn are dancing to the tune of the markets in trying to avoid Greece defaulting on its debts at all costs. The latest round of cuts include more wage cuts and a 20% cut in pensions.Taxes will be increased for the low paid as well as a new poperty tax and 30,000 public serivce workers will be suspended on partial pay. As well as having  a devestating effect on the people of Greece the continuous round of cuts is not even achieving its aims since it is plunging Greece into a deeper and deeper recession making it ever more difficult for it to repay its debts. The two largest public sector unions ADEDY and GSEE are calling another strike for October 5th and a general strike for the 19th to protest the cuts and ADEDY are holding a three hour walkout today in support of the teachers' action. The teachers will hold a rally today outside the ministry of education. The students are also planning a rally for this afternoon.