Teachers in Greece have embarked on a series of rolling strikes against deep cuts in the education service, involving thousands of layoffs and transfers. Unemployment in Greeces is already at 27%, but the country's financial masters in the Troika (IMF, European Union and European Central Bank) are demanding more deep cuts in public services, including education.

When teachers went on strike last term, the government forced them back to work using fascist era powers to 'draft' them as workers in essential services. The short cartoon above shows a teacher explaining to children why he was striking and what the government's reaction meant. The teacher in the film explains that not only are teachers fighting to defend public education, they are fighting to defend democracy itself.

The new term begins on September 16th and the teaching union OLME says that the rolling programme of action will start then - probably intially joining the public sector union, ADEDY's, two day strike which has been called for the 18th and 19th September. Given the government's attacks on OLME last time they struck, they will be in need of international solidarity. OLME said in a statement, 'Education is under attack. We can and will topple these policies.'.