The Greek teaching unions OLME and DOE are to organise strikes on Wednesday 17th February to allow teachers to demonstrate outside the Ministry of Education. 

The teachers are protesting the shortage of teaching posts and the failure to put new teachers on permanent contracts.

This is just the latest protest by the Greek people against the increasing austerity measures which have been imposed on the country by the so-called Troika - the EU, the ECB and the IMF. Greece is in an increasingly parlous state after the Syriza government, which was elected on a pledge to end austerity, capitulated to the Troika and carried out policies which are further impoverishing the Greek people. It is amazing that in this situation the Greek people are showing huge generosity to the refugees landing on their shores. However with the failure of the left government, there is the ever present danger of a disgruntled minority turning to the fascist Golden Dawn party.

At the end of last week farmers clashed with police as they protested against pension changes which would impoverish them still further. Meanwhile teachers continue to fight for public education.

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