Greek teachers are to participate in a general strike on July 16th against further plans by the Greek government to sack public sector workers, including teachers.

The strike has been called by the two main union federations, ADEDY and GSEE. The leader of the GSEE, which represents workers in the private sector, said that  "which have led workers into destitution and have deprived them of their basic democratic rights cannot and must not remain unanswered."

As part of the latest proposals, 15,000 public service workers will lose their jobs by the end of next year and 4,200 are to be suspended on part pay from now, including over a thousand teachers. As well as this new round of cuts, agreed with the troika from the European Union, European Centrel Bank and the IMF, in return for more funds, pay and pensions have been cut, taxes have been increased and 27% of the population are unemployed including over 60% of young people

In education, the government has already sacked 10,000 temporary teachers, increased teaching hours by 2.5 a week, closed and merged schools and increased class sizes. When teachers planned strike action against these policies in May, the government invoked dictatorship era to force them back to work.

Last month teachers took part in mass protests against the closing of the Greek television channel ERT.