Thousands of Guatemalan teachers marched in the capital, Guatemala City on Thursday. They are demanding that the new government provide vaccination and other health measures for pupils, that it increases education spending to 35% of GDP and that it provides higher level training for all teachers. 

As well as campaigning for the rights of students and teachers, they are demanding the nationalisation of the electrical companies and for increased funding for rural areas as well as other issues of importance to their communities.

The protesters arrived on coaches, minibuses and vans from all over the country, marched on the presidential palace and blocked some of the main thoroughfares.

The new President, Jimmy Morales - a television personality who was voted in on the back of a corruption scandal which brought down the last President - has set up talks with the unions, who have given him a year to accede to their demands. This decision shows a great deal of patience on the part of the leaders, considering this is just the latest in a long and hard fought campaign for proper funding for education, for democracy and for the rights of students and communities.