guinblog2.jpg  Children in Guinea Bissau Teachers in the West African state of Guinea-Bissau are on strike this week over the failure of the government to pay their salaries As well as demanding that their salaries be paid, teachers are fighting for more money in school budgets, including more resources for schools and teacher training. Many teachers in the country are untrained and some have not even completed a primary school education. There have been many strikes in the last ten years over the government's failure to pay teachers' salaries. Even when they are paid they are extremely low - with a starting salary of $50 a month, rising to $75 for a more experienced teacher. This does not even cover the basic necessities of life. The average income in Guinea-Bissau is $17 per month. Money has been paid to the government by the French government to cover teachers' salaries in 2008 but this has not been paid to the teachers. For more background see previous post.