Children in Haiti learning in a Tent 'Classroom' Teachers struck in Haiti at the beginning of this month but the state of education in Haiti is still in crisis.Teachers in Haiti frequently do not get paid, a situation which has led to many strikes over the last months. Last November teachers and students united in protests both against police brutality as well as for fair salaries and for social improvements like cholera vaccination. A key role in 'turning round' education in Haiti has been carried out by Paul Vallas - the neo-liberal US schools chief who also 'turned round' schools in New Orleans after the hurricane by turning them into private charter schools. Although children in Haiti have a constitutional right to free education and the government have promised that this would be fulfilled this is far from being the case as a report from Haiti Grassroots Watch testifies. The Programme for Universal Free and Obligatory Education is supposed to guarantee that the right to education is honoured - yet the funding is inadequate, there is corruption and teachers frequently remain unpaid. There are few learning materials and the conditions of the schools are often intolerable - as witness the picture of children learning in a tent above - a situation impossible in the heat. Not only that but the school system is multi-layered - with expensive and well resourced private schools for the rich and tents, inadequate buildings or even  containers for the poor. To read the Haiti Grassroots Watch report in full go here.