Haiti Protest against US Interference Haiti teachers are to strike this week in pursuit of salary owed to them For a long period after the earthquake struck Haiti at the beginning of last year, two thirds of teachers worked willingly without pay (see previous post). Since that time, US neo-liberal schools boss, Paul Vallas has been brought into Haiti to run the school system there, As we reported his plan is to turn the education system in Haiti into one based on the charter school model which he introduced in New Orleans after the hurricane - with high stakes testing, restrictive and US based curricula and anti-union policies. However, Vallas and his team in the Haiti government seem to have forgotten one important element in education - the teachers. Once again their pay is in arrears and they have had enough. From this week members of the teachers union in the capital Port au Prince, the AEISMP, will go on strike if they are not paid the money owed to them. Not only that but parents have been demonstrating against the new measures, saying that they are discriminatory in the recruitment both of teachers and students. This is yet another egregious example of western administrators forcing through neo-liberal education policies in the Global South and doing it on the backs of teachers who are expected to work for next to nothing - or in this case - nothing at all.