The five sentenced to death Urgent protests are needed on behalf of two Iranian teachers and their colleagues facing imminent execution It is feared that the teachers, Hashem Sha’bani Amouri and Hadi Rashidi (or Rashedi) and three other men are facing imminent execution after being removed from Karoun prison on the 18th January. Their families have not been told where they have been taken. All five were activists on behalf of the Ahwazi Arab minority in Iran and were arrested  in connection with their peaceful activities on behalf of that group. On 7th July 2012 they were sentenced to death for 'enmity against God and corruption on earth' amongst other charges. All five were refused access to a lawyer and their families, and all five are believed to have been tortured or otherwise maltreated in prison. The five prisoners are founders or members of the Alhavar institute, a scientific and cultural organization registered under the supervision of the National Youth Organization. Alhavar, meaning “Dialogue”, was inspired by former president Mohammad Khatami’s policy of promoting dialogue between civilizations, and  held Arabic poetry nights and art workshops and educational training programs for young people in Ramshir, in Khuzestan Province. Please send urgent appeals on their behalf by going to the Amnesty International website.