The Protest in Hebron Teachers in Hebron are protesting with their pupils against IDF victimisation The teachers who work in Qurduba school in Hebron in the occupied West Bank (in the Palestinian Territories) are protesting with their pupils outside checkpoint 56. The school lies between two Israeli settlements in the town - Tel Rumeida and Admot Yushai. For many years, teachers and pupils at the school have been harrassed and assaulted on their way to school by the settlers. Now however the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) is insisting that teachers pass through metal detectors at checkpoint 56 and present their bags for inspection. Nor will pregnant women or people with heart devices be exempt - even though the metal detectors put their health in danger. Since this new imposition from the IDF began on Tuesday October 11th, teachers have refused to go through the metal detectors. Their pupils marched from the school to join them, where some were attacked by the soldiers and one settler woman attempted to push them out of her way with her car. 9 children ended up in hospital with their injuries. One of the injured children, 11 year old Yazan Sharbati said: “We protested to the army that we wanted our teachers. The army told us to go back to school, and we told them that without teachers there is no school…I was so afraid that something bad was going to happen. [The soldier] pushed me very hard.” To read about this protest in full go to: