High school students are once again in the forefront of the fight against racist police killings in the USA. Protests have been taking place over the weekend after unarmed black teenager, Tony Robinson was shot dead by a policeman in Madison, Wisconsin on Friday night.

On Monday, students from four high schools, including Tony Robinson's alma mater, walked out of class and joined together with university students and other protesters to march on the Capitol building, the seat of state government in Madison. As they marched, they chanted: 'I am Tony Robinson! We are Tony Robinson!' and 'Whose streets? Our streets!' When they reached the building, they filled the two floors of the chamber, demanding justice and for an end to racist police killings.

when unarmed teenager Michael Brown was killed by police in Ferguson, Missouri, protests broke out all over the US, including in many schools. Since then the slogan has become known globally as the scale of racism in the police, especially in the US but in other countries as well, has been in the spotlight.

The dreadful human cost of this latest shooting is shown not only in the interview with the 13 year old boy in the clip above, who says that if things go on the way they are, he too may be a victim of such shooting but also in the of  Tony Robinson's friend, Jordan Chester, 17, who fell to the ground in tears at the end of the protest and said: "I just want Tony back. I just want my man back."