Nahum Guerra, 17, killed in the Struggle for Free Public Education A student has been killed in Honduras fighting school privatisation The 17year old, Nahum Guerra was shot as he took his turn guarding the door of the school which the students had occupied. According to reports many students have also been picked up by the police.The students are occupying schools in Honduras in a struggle against the so-called General Law for Education which among other things will privatise scools. The law is being brought in by the government of Porfirio Lobo which came to power in an illegal coup in 2009.  This campaign is the latest stage in a long running struggle against the illegal government and their neo-liberal attacks on the social fabric of Honduras, including in particular education. At least 12 teachers have been killed in the struggle since Lobo took power. Teachers' leaders have given their full support to the student occupations. Orlando Mejia, Secretary of the First Professional Teachers Association said that the students are defending free, public education. The High School Education Teachers College (COPEM) has also given the students their full support.    The school occupations in Honduras are continuing. As well as occupying over 150 schools around the country, students and parents have blocked highways coming under violent attack from the security forces using rubber bullets and live ammunition. Go to for more background. Also go to the International Student Movement (ISM)website:  ISM are anxious to make contact with students involved in the struggle in Honduras and co-ordinate actions around the world. Already there is some coordination between the different campaigns in Latin America as reported on this website - with teachers in Argentina demonstrating in support of the student movement in Chile and transport workers refusing to move trucks into the country (see previous posts) As in so many parts of the world it is the young people who, together with their teachers, are leading the struggle for free and emancipated education. Teachersolidarity mourns the death of brave young people like Nahum  but knows that the struggle will continue.