hond10.jpg  Part of last week's demonstration Honduran teachers, students and their supporters blocked the capital Tegucigalpa last week in opposition to the illegal government. Thousands of teachers, students and supporters marched in  Tegucigalpa last week to protest against the illegal government's latest measures. Teachers have been on strike demanding that the government pay back the $200 million it owes to their pensions and benefits fund. The government of Pepe Lobo - which came to power in an illegal coup last year - is also attempting to tear up long standing union agreements for annual wage increments amongst other things. Teachers have been in the leadership of the struggle against the Lobo government and as a result at least 12 have been killed and many more beaten and detained (see previous posts). In the aftermath of last week's demonstration some reports say that more teachers have been arrested and union leaders are demanding their release. The teachers have been joined by thousands of other workers demanding an increase in the minimum wage which at present is at a level about half that required to buy the necessities of life. Meanwhile government leaders have voted themselves an increase which makes their salaries about 25 times the minumum wage. To read more on this story go to: http://hondurasresists.blogspot.com/2010/11/november-3-2010-teachers-and-students.html