Teachers facing up to Lobo's Security Forces in a Previous Strike Teachers in Honduras went on strike yesterday to demand pay owed to them The Honduran government owes the teachers of Honduras $12.4 million in back pay since 2010.  Their strike is particularly corageous as they are facing the illegal and brutal government of Pepe Lobo, who came to power in a military coup in 2009.  Since then teachers and their unions have been in the forefront of the struggle to restore democracy. Many have been killed by security forces and many more arrested. The government has stolen their pension funds, taken away many of their rights and owes them large amounts of back pay. They are pursuing a neo-liberal policy of privatisation of schools which has met determined resistance from the teachers but also from parents and students who have occupied schools - a 17 year old school student was killed in that struggle. Despite this repression, the teachers of Honduras continue to fight for public education. Not only that but the Honduran teachers' union places huge importance on the development of a critical pedagogy - managing to meet to discuss this under conditions often of extreme danger.