Teachers participating in a Seminar on non-sexist Pedagogy in Honduras last Week Teachers in Honduras have been subject to intimidation including salary cuts, suspensions and large scale dismissals Ever since the illegal coup with brought Pepe Lobo to power in Honduras, teachers have been in the forefront of the struggle for democracy . Many teachers were killed in the initial demonstrations against  the coup in 2009, and teachers and students have maintained the struggle ever since, not only for democracy but also to defend teachers' pensions, for the payment of salaries and against the privatisation of education. The latest wave of intimidations has been in response to the teachers calling a meeting to protest laws which will attack public education and teachers' employment rights. Education International is giving full support to the teachers of Honduras. You can read its statement here. Despite this repression and threats as well as actual physical violence, teachers in Honduras continue to meet to discuss ways of improving their pedagogy, most recently at a meeting to discuss non-sexist pedagogy, at which many teachers had just heard that they had lost their jobs - the Honduran government sacked 1000 teachers on November 5th. Teachers from British Columbia also participated in this meeting, and were inspired by the determination of the teachers to improve education even under these conditions. Next year there should be elections in Honduras, and now the government has made it illegal for Hondurans to take part in any civil protest. In Honduras, the struggle continues.