Teachers and their unions continue to be under sustained attack in Honduras. Now the illegal government of Porfirio Lobo - which came to power as the result of a coup in 2009 - is unilaterally cutting teachers' pay and sacking teachers' leaders.

Teachers have been in the forefront of the struggle for democracy and social justice in Honduras since the 2009 coup. Many have been killed and others pulled out of their classrooms and detained. Increasingly Honduras is characterised by assassination squads, which are part of the security forces - armed partly by the US - who routinely shoot down opponents of the regime including teachers.

Education International has supported the teachers, one of whose leaders said:  “The government has stopped providing transportation, school meals and learning materials, and it no longer pays the water and electricity bills of our schools.” Teachers also commonly go without any pay for months, as the government fails to provide the money for the payroll. Yet the education minister attacks teachers leaders as 'corrupt' and 'pigs' according to EI.

Though the public school system is on the verge of collapse, teachers continue to fight both for democracy and to provide a critical education to their pupils. The editor of this website met Honduran teachers last year - who, despite the ever present threat from the state security forces - continued to meet together to develop  a critical and non-sexist pedagogy, which would allow them and their pupils to understand and change the conditions in which they lived.