hondblog2.jpg  Demonstration Against the Coup at Tegucigalpa Airport Thousands of teachers have defied demands from the illegal government in Honduras that they return to work The government which was put in place by a military coup (see previous post) is doing its best to restore 'normality' to the country in an attempt to wear down the protesters. Many workers have been on strike and there have been road blocks and mass protests throughout the country against the coup. The teachers were called out on indefinite strike at the beginning of July until the elected president Manuel Zelaya is restored to power. Leaders of the union called on teachers to: "begin civil disobedience and defy any regulation or order that comes from the de facto government, because we do not recognize any authority other than that which was legitimately elected by the Honduran people."  Despite statements from the government that schools would be opened - in the second week of the strike schools across the country remained closed.  The government is using repressive measures against the protesters - including night time curfews which have just been re-instated after having been lifted last week in a further effort to restore 'normality.' On the day Zelaya had planned to return to Honduras a 19 year old protester was killed at the airport by security forces and unknown number of people were injured. There has been international condemnation of the coup in Honduras - not least from Education International. Meanwhile the US has set up a 'mediation' process through President Arias of Costa Rica - however many people see this as a stalling tactic to give the illegal government a chance to consolidate its power. The following are contact details for Honduras Teachers Unions:
Colegio Profesional "Superación Magisterial" Hondureño, (COLPROSUMAH)
Tel: (504) 2374292, 237.4797, Fax:(504) 237.4548
Apartado Postal No. 154, Tegucigalpa D.C., Honduras.
Correo eletrónico: ifcolprosumah@yahoo.com 
Colegio de Profesores de Educación Media de Honduras, (COPEMH)
Tel: (504) 232.383, Fax: (504)235.9315
Dirección: Bvd Centro América, Primera Entrada Colonia las Colinas. Tegucigalpa M.D.C., Honduras.
Correo electrónico: copemh@yahoo.com
Colegio Profesional Unión Magisterial de Honduras, (COPRUMH)
Tel: (504) 232 2945, Fax:(504) 239 6530
Residencial Las Colinas, 7a Calle, Bloque H, Casa 31-05, Tegucigalpa, Honduras.
Primer Colegio Profesional Hondureño de Maestros, PRICPHMA
Telefax: (504) 232-33-40  / 232-39-81
Presidente: José Alejando Ventura cel: (504) 9784579
Las Colinas, 1ª entrada Boulevard Centro América, Casa 8, Tegucigalpa M.D.C., Honduras