hondblog5.jpg Teacher Roger Vallejos Soriano - shot dead by Honduran Police  Rene Chavez- the former leader of one of the main teaching unions in Honduras - has been arrested Chavez - who is a former national president of the teachers' union  - Primer Colegio Magisterial de Honduras (PRICMA) - was seized on September 11th. He was taken to court for an immediate trial, charged with organising illegal demonstrations and taken back to prison. As well as being a teachers' leader, Chavez is also a leader of the front against the illegal coup and a candidate for the National Assembly. Teachers have been in the forefront of the fight against the military coup (see previous posts). A spokesperson for the national resistance front against the coup said "We are very concerned about this dangerous situation, because once he's in jail, they can do anything to him, including paying someone to kill him. We are asking for solidarity from international organizations to demand his immediate freedom." The Inter American Commission on Human Rights confirmed 'the existence of a pattern of disproportionate use of public force on the part of police and military forces, arbitrary detentions, and the control of information aimed at limiting political participation by a sector of the citizenry. This resulted in the deaths of at least four persons, dozens of injuries, thousands of arbitrary detentions, the temporary shutdown of television channels, and threats and assaults against journalists.' They also verified the shooting dead of teacher Roger Vallejos Soriano by police during a demonstration against the coup at the beginning of July Meanwhile the Honduran business organisation FIDE assures investors that 'In short, Central America’s second largest country remains in perfect position for U.S. companies seeking business and investment opportunities'  Teachers' unions around the world and Education International should be sending protests to Honduran embassies and their own governments in solidarity with Rene Chavez and Honduran teachers.