hondblog.jpg Honduran Generals Teachers in all cities in Honduras went on strike on Monday to protest against the military coup Schools all over the country are shut and pupils sent home.Hundreds of troops stormed the presidential residence in the early hours of Sunday morning and kidnapped the democratically elected President Zelaya. He has been taken to Costa Rica. Meanwhile other ministers have been kidnapped by troops. The coup appears to have come as the result of a proposed new constitution for Honduras which was due to be voted on by a referendum next weekend, overseen by international observers. US business interests have dominated the Honduran economy in the past and it was ruled by the military until 1981. Because Honduras is still heavily dependent on trade with the US it is suffering greatly from the eonomic crisis. It is the second poorest country in Latin America. However Zelaya had moved Honduras into the left trade and political bloc in South America and was moving to tackle poverty and inequality in the country. Thousands of workers and small farmers are taking action in opposition to the coup as well as teachers. The teachers' action is supported by Education International: http://www.ei-ie.org/en/news/show.php?id=1056&theme=peace&country=honduras