Teachers are in the forefront of supporting the students in Hong Kong who are fighting for democracy. In a statement published yesterday their union called for a general strike of teachers and condemned police use of, “ruthless force to expel unarmed citizens, inflicting injuries on demonstrators with the use of weapons, acting as enemies of the people. PTU express severe indignation, seriously condemn the brutal actions by the HKSAR Government and the Police"

Following the teachers' initiative, the Hong Kong federation of trade unions has called for a general strike on Tuesday.The protests started last week when thousands of students walked out of classes in protest at a directive from the Chinese government which will restrict the election of Hong Kong's senior political leader, the Chief Executive, to candidates who have been vetted by Beijing. In its statement the trade union federation called on “Workers and students (to) unite to force the totalitarian government to hand state power back to the people.”

The attempt by the state to suppress violently the pro-democracy movement has inflamed public opinion and caused many of Hong Kong's inhabitants to side with the protesters. Once again as in so many countries students and teachers are in the forefront of the struggle for democracy.