Hungarian Students protesting last Month High school and university students in Hungary have joined forces to oppose education cuts The students are protesting the imposition of quotas on the number of university places which would be funded by the state - and draconian conditions on those students who accept them - who will have to undertake to stay and work in Hungary for several years after the end of their studies. Although the government backed down in the face of protests from its plans to cut funded places from some 55,000 to 10,000 - students say there is no money in the higher education budget to fund more t han 10,000. Many high school students also took part in the demonstrations  and some were victimised by school managements leading to protests about infringements of their right to protest. Some teaching unions have endorsed the protests and teachers have also suffered pressure from managements not to take part. Teachers say that higher education budgets have been cut by 40% over the last five years. Most recently, students tried to ask questions of the education secretary at a rally on January 19th but were prevented from speaking.